Apple – iPhone

April 1, 2007 by

Apple – iPhone

FOR the past two years the “tech community” has been watching Apple very closely. We have been waiting for a wide screen iPod and also for them to announce an iPhone or Apple phone. On Tuesday it finally happened. Steve Jobs finally announced their new iPhone. As always, Apple has taken a product and reinvented it.

This phone has a wide screen for watching video and surfing the internet. All controls are on the touchscreen and with the 200 new patents that were registered during the development, this phone has an user interface that meets all expectations.

Music, video’s and games can be downloaded directly from iTunes with the phone. This phone is much more than a phone, in the sense that it combines a PDA, an iPod and a phone. I hate using a stylus when working with a PDA and with this phone you will not need to worry about that – just use your fingers. The html based e-mail interface will let you read your e-mail and browse the internet on your phone without loosing any of the graphics or having to go to a site specifically designed for a mobile device.

The proximity feature that has been built into this phone will also switch off the screen when it is placed against your ear when talking on the phone. This cuts back on battery life.

The phone will also automatically switch between the wide screen  mode and the portrait mode, depending on the way you hold it.

In my opinion this is a revolutionary product and I will be in line to get one of the first ones when they finally become available in South Africa.