FOR the past few years I have had this idea of having a computer that will keep track of everything in my kitchen.It will be able to compile a grocery list and also make suggestions of what I will be able to prepare by checking what I have available in my kitchen at that specific moment.
rying to figure out exactly what I can prepare drives me crazy and in the end I just go and buy all the ingredients that are needed for something that I have made thousands of times before.
After installing the computer I have not been able to come across the perfect program to run this concept. I found three websites which make life easier. It still is not exactly what I wanted, but it’s a start.
These websites can really make your life easier if you have an entire family to cook for. There are quite a number of these websites, but these are my favourites:, and
These sites also have active communities that contribute to the recipes that are made available online. Through the contributions from the community you can be sure that there will be new recipes each and every day.
Join their discussion forums and ask advice from people from around the world and also give advice. Social networking never tasted this good. The sites invite you to contribute to their ever increasing database of recipes.

If you know of any other such websites, please let me know.