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For most of my life I have been overweight and even during the times that I was close to my “normal” weight I was sure that I was overweight. I would loose 10kg only to gain back about 15kg.

I have tried every diet and suggestion but still for some strange reason I can never just keep the kilo’s off. I have also heard from numerous people that as soon as they reach a desired weight they again go back to their original weight.

The secret is that we are all different and for each one of us there is a specific diet that would for you as individual. But trying to find it can be a challenge. We also need support and motivation to keep at it. The important thing is to realise that you are definitely not alone. This is also why FatSecret has had enormous success. FatSecret is a free social networking website where you can register and share information about diets you have tried and how much success you have had. You can also share in the collective experience of all the members of this online community. In the community discussion forum you can chat with other members and also monitor your weight loss online. This may just give you the much needed motivation to keep going.

The website will also help you to create a personalized diet and find recipes that are right for your diet. There are hundreds of recipes which will definately suit your specific taste and needs.

FatSecret itself is not affiliated to any specific program or diet remedy. The information contained in the site is completely community generated and the site will not try to sell you anything. All you will get is suggestions from others who have the same problems as you do.