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ALTHOUGH I do not consume much alcohol (in fact, if a company had to survive on the alcohol I consume in a year they would be bankrupt in no time!), I do love a good bottle of red wine.
I know there are many wine connoisseurs around and they will definitely know much more about wine than I do, but as I always say: “You don’t need to know everything, but if you know where to find the information, you are well on your way!”
That brings me to This website is another of those free information user-controlled applications.

On this site you can register to receive updates on other people’s opinions of specific wines and what they recommend (or don’t recommend). Of course you can then add information on the wines you enjoy and leave comments that users can read to learn more about those particular wines. This helps to build a huge database of wine information for every­one who would like to know more about the subject. There are quite a few South African wines listed, but I believe we can do better!
So, when you really enjoyed a particular bottle of wine, why not enter your thoughts into the database for others to read? This is sure to also boost our wine industry internationally. So go ahead – open a bottle tonight, but before you finish it, go to and enter your comments. (Please do this before you are unable to remember a thing about the wine except the follow morning’s headache!) This is also a perfect opportunity for you to impress your friends with your vast knowledge of wines!

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