Training Course

 Adobe Photoshop is in my opinion probably one of, if not the best graphic design software available at the moment. With the advances that has been made in the latest release of Photoshop a new standard has been set.

Photoshop is however only one of a variety of creativity software products that is produced by Adobe. The products give you a way to unleash your creativity in the fields of photography, video, web design and graphic design.

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Adobelive event which was held in Johannesburg and I also invited interested readers to join us at the event.

We quickly realised that there was quite a bit of interest in these products in the Free State and that as a designer it is often very difficult to stay up to date with product changes, design trends and tips and tricks when designing. You can always join groups in the larger cities but it will take huge effort to attend these events.

On Tuesday, with the support of Adobe, we launched the Free State Adobe User Group. The idea is to give each and every professional and amateur designer, photographer and video producer who uses Adobe products to have a place to share ideas and also gain new knowledge from other users. Joining the group is free of charge and is aimed at building a community and stimulating exploration and discussion between the members.

I would like to invite everybody who is interested in attending some of these informal discussion sessions to send me their contact details. I will then be able to add you to the emailing list and I will let you know when we will have the next meeting. Adobe will also get top designers from all over the world to join us and share their secrets.

Training Course