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THE World Wide Web was made available to the public for the first time on 7 August 1991. Could it really only be 16 years ago?

Even though the web was first started in 1980 it was only meant to be a method for scientists around the world to stay connected and to collaborate on projects.

It is almost impossible to compare the web of 1991 with the powerful World Wide Web that we know today, let alone compare it to the web of 1980. Today’s internet is a network of powerful systems working together as a unit.

Through this elaborate system of connected machines our lives have changed to the extent that we would almost be helpless without it. Waiting for about a month to receive a letter from the UK, in 1991, to receiving an email in a few minutes or seconds from the same person today.

The question is of course what things would look like in another 16 years. Or even in 5 years time. I will take the risk in predicting that in five to seven years’ time the majority of the population will have access to the Internet and our dependence on it will have increased to a point where we only rarely need to leave our homes. We will do everything online. Obviously this could not be true of all occupa­tions but administrative tasks and managerial tasks will probably be done online.

If you want to take a look back at the way things on the Internet were a few years ago visit the Internet Archive.

Click here to visit the Internet Archive to see how websites have changed over the past few years.  Just enter the domain name of the website!