Podcamp Cape Town sponsorOnly a few days left until podcamp Cape Town (www.podcampcapetown.com).  Two of my companies, Faxaroo.com and Wookio.com are proud to be sponsors of this event. If there is any chance of you getting down to Cape Town this weekend please go!  It will be incredible!

We also know that the Rugby world cup will be played that evening! Not to worry! We have many plans in place so you can still go!

We are launching a new website very very soon!  Watch this space!!!

I have also convinced two guys to start their own podcasts!  Go and subscribe immediately!

www.potbollie.com and www.sandsteenpraatjies.com

Please give them feedback on what you think!  (by the way, they are both in Afrikaans so if you do not understand Afrikaans don’t go and download the files!)