Nico Baird

IN today’s changing world where collaboration and social networking have become vital, it is important that you do not stay behind. has just been launched and I believe that this platform will be a vital resource and collaboration space for all educators.

The website describes itself as “A network for people interested in collaborative learning, new teaching methodologies and organisational development through education.”  

Our country is faced with unbelievable challenges when it comes to education.

We need to accept that the changes which have taken place around the world will happen here and that there is no sense in trying to stick to old methodologies. I have found that even though the world is filled with digital immigrants and digital natives we are being kept back by “digital ignorants”. Those who are not willing to change and stick with what they know rather than embrace innovation. 

I believe that could be the one place where through collaboration and knowledge sharing these educators could start to take the first steps to becoming better educators. The problem with many other educational websites is that they are US or UK based and therefore we sometimes feel that it is not the way things can be done in South Africa. is local, it is South African and it is relevant.

Registration is free and once you have signed up you can join in the discussions that are already taking place or create your own discussion on topics that interest you.

Because is a social network you can build your own collaborative network of friends. You can also expand this network by forming and joining groups on various educational topics.

If you are an educator interested in new media, new learning, new teaching and staying up to date with trends and innovation in education, visit today and register.

After you have done that go to and register to attend PodcampSA in April. Remember PodcampSA is free to attend.