In the past few months I have found that there are quite a large number of websites catering to every need of the bride to be.  I have however found that most  of these sites are nothing more than directories or marketing websites.
Obviously there is nothing wrong with this as it is a service which is needed but I found a locally developed website that is just a little bit more than the usual wedding website.  To be quite honest it should actually be called a wedding blog.  This website, , is being developed by one of my favourite design companies in Bloemfontein and they have yet again done Bloemfontein proud with this new website.  The site is still very new and a lot of content is being added each day, but the concept is great.
First of all the site gives loads of wedding ideas and tips and also cover and plan to cover most of the wedding shows and celebrity weddings in the region.  
The one feature that I would like to mention is that you can also have your own wedding blog created at .
On the website you will see a list of features that can be added to your blog but the most significant for me is that your guests can RSVP on your blog, you can have your gift registry online and you can update your guests on the progress of your wedding arrangements.  Just the fact that you can have constant photo updates as your day draws near is certainly a great feature.  The list of features are quite long so please visit the website for more information.  
This is your chance to win one of these custom designed wedding sites to the value of R2500 from . Simply by visiting the website and adding your name to the newsletter you can win.  You can also see an example of one of these wedding websites by visiting  today.  You only have a week to enter and you will be contacted if you are a winner. I will also publish your name in ClickKliek in two weeks time.  Good luck and remember to tell the fututre brides that you know about this great competition.

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