The past two weeks have been quite strange.  Almost on a daily basis I would receive emails from friends and readers asking if I knew of job opportunities in the graphic design and programming field.  I obviously would love to provide everybody with information about job opportunities but I am not able to.  

  This to me is a sign of the times and how the economy is really also impacting our industry.  Many analysts and Internet trend observers believe that this economic downturn in the industry will actually stimulate growth and innovation and I also believe this to be true.  I just hope that things will get better soon as I can see what an impact it is having on people around the country.   

For those of you who are seeking employment please remember to go online and register and search through the thousands of positions listed online.  

  Websites that I would recommend are <> , <>  and <> .  There are hundreds of these websites and they all have quite a vast number of vacancies listed so please visit as many of these websites on a daily basis and also register on as many of them as possible.   You simply need to enter you contact details qualification, experience etc and then search through their database.  You can then apply for positions with the click of the mouse.

  I would like to ask employers in the industry who are looking for designers to please email me if they are interested in contacting some of the individuals who have sent me their details.  I will then give you the information you require to contact them.

  If I have not replied to your email personally please know that I would love to answer all your emails but it is quite tough to sort through the large number of emails I get each week, I will however try to respond through ClickKliek.

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