It is time to make sure that all your photos and important data is safe.  As I have written in the past it is vital for you to make backups of all your important data at regular intervals.  The reason I mention it this week is because next week it is time for everybody in the Free State to rush to the coast or to some other vacation spot for the Easter Holidays.  During this period your data is left all alone in your home and you never know what could happen.

  This weekend before you pack your suitcases and start to load everything into the car you should make sure that you have at least two alternate backups of your important data.  Remember your photos and all those word documents that you really can’t live without.

  You can use your flash drives or you can use writable CD’s or DVD’s or even portable harddrives.  Please remember that you should not just depend on a single backup.  The best advise I can give is to make two or more backups of you important data.  Keep one copy with you.  The second copy you can leave with a friend of family member at their house and in a safe place. 

  I realise that there is a cost attached to making all these copies, but trust me when I say that this cost is nothing compared to losing all your document and photos which you may never be able to replace.

  In a few months when Internet costs come down South Africans will also be able to use online backup services.  At this stage however data transfer is still so expensive that it is quite a bit less expensive to use other media products to make backups.

  Enjoy the Easter Holidays even more by knowing that your vital data is safe and secure.  One less thing to worry about in this turbulent time in our country.

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