I am sitting in a coffeeshop and I realise just how times have changed.  I have just ordered my coffee and now I am sitting here typing my column on my cellphone.

  A few years ago I would have had to go and sit down in front of my desktop computer at home to be able to do this. A few years back I would have had to sit in front of a typewriter and each time I made a mistake I would have had to get the tipex or maybe start over.

  Now I am sitting here typing on my cellphone which has a full keyboard. Best of all I am using word.

  If you think about it, you realise that if I need to check a fact I would have had to go to a library. Now if I want to check something I just go to Google which is completely integrated with my cellphone.

This morning I was sent a PowerPoint presentation and I went through it on my phone. I can also connect my phone to a dataprojector to give a presentation to a large group of people.  Our cellphones have really become powerfull little computers with many of the features we would only expect from larger computers.

  I do believe that this functionality of our cellphones will increase exponentially. With built in GPS the cellphone is no longer just a nice to have item but in todays rushed lifestyle which we all share, we can get where we need to go and get done the things we need to do there without having to carry around large computers or laptops. Will the students of tomorrow carry books or laptops or maybe just their cellphones?

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