The Internet also has its waves. There was a wave of Blogs, then a wave of Wikis we are currently in a wave of social networks and now it seems that the Blog is coming back for a second round.


In these financially troubled times it is the blog that is predicted and seen to be on its way back to the main attraction online.  Content is still king and because Internet users can easily create their own free blog and post to it without high bandwidth demands, knowledge and news can easily be shared with anybody that is willing to read.


I believe that in South Africa we will see an increase of bloggers in the next two years.  Internet access will become more affordable and this will give birth to a new era of content creation we have not seen in the past.  I also believe that content creation in Southern Sotho, Zulu, Xhosa and other South African languages will become very popular.


Traditional knowledge is an area that will most probably be a money earner for anyone who gets on board early.  Remember you can have a blog about anything.  If you want to make a living by blogging it can be done.  You do need a topic that people are interested in, you need to update constantly and you need to give information that is relevant and something that people would like to come back for.


You can monetize your blog through advertising networks or even through a subscription service.   The most important thing however is to keep at it and create a following. 


Do not expect to become rich over night.  You have to build a brand.  Go to one of the free blogging platforms, or, online and start today. 


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