I have never been a big computer game player, also not big on playing games online.  Well this changed in a big way a few weeks ago.
Zynga has figured out how to create games which relies heavily on social networking.

Through social networks like Myspace and Facebook, Zynga has created a number of web-based games that are quite easy to play and that is also free to play.  The most popular of these games are Farmville and if you have not heard of it you definitely have been missing out.

The idea is for you to start your own farm, plant, harvest and sell products and through this you are earning money to again plant new crops, harvest and then expand your farm. You then start to buy houses and sheds and loads of other farm equipment and novelties.  Really addictive stuff especially if you start to add neighbours to your farm.
Zynga has realised that they have hit upon the perfect combination of strategy and social networking to form a game that is both fun and also quite addictive. You are constantly competing with your friends but you still also need your friends to go up in the rankings.  

If you however are getting tired of life on the “farm” why not start your own Cafe at Cafe World, start your own Fish tank at Fishville or maybe join the Mafia at MafiaWars. There are loads of other games to join from Zynga and also other providers.  You can decide how much of a mental challenge you want and just start to play.  Go take a look around and remember if you start to play don’t forget to add me as your neighbour, your friend or just challenge me.  

Lastly if you want a game that will test your language skills then head over to Word Skills and see if you can form more words with the given letters than the other players.

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