I have owned my own ISP for a few years. Even though I have the full company which offers all the services other ISP’s offer, I have not done the marketing and brand building.  I have owned ClickSA for about three years now and if ever I find the energy and the prices whole-sale prices of bandwidth decrease to such an extent that I feel I will be able to make a profit without ripping off customers I am sure I will build the company. (if you want to build the brand, just contact me and we can work something out, as I believe prices will start to fall soon)

I do however at this stage need to mention that I do believe that www.afrihost.com is the best and most affordable option when it comes to DSL in South Africa.  When prices started to decrease about two weeks ago I read an article that announced that www.screamer.co.za had lowered their prices to only R23 per gig. I immediately joined but soon realised that their service was not as promised. I had a 4Mbps line and I only got about 200kbps.  After many complaints they cancelled my contract.

I then felt obliged to try the service from www.afrihost.com just to see if there is an affordable option! I am very happy to announce that they are the one and only affordable option at this stage.  I do not know how prices will decrease in the near future, but I must state that the service I received has been quite brilliant. I have asked questions and even after joining my questions were answered, often by Gian who is the CEO of the company.  

The client interface is also quite easy to understand and I do believe that they have thought hard about making it as easy as possible for their customers.

If you join Afrihost (and I hope you would) please let them know that you joined after reading this post.

My regular column will be posted tomorrow.

Nico Baird

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