The festive season is here and who could   have predicted that this year would have been this short. It is as if each year is going by faster and faster. One of the reasons it feels as if time is rushing by is because we are living our lives at an ever-increasing pace.  The scary part is that each and every day this pace will increase as technology improves and we are getting more connected.This year we will see a huge increase in online purchases for the Christmas season.  Getting the perfect gift without having to brave the malls or even having to listen to endless versions of Silent Night being blasted at you from every store, has never been this easy in South Africa. As connectivity is busy to increase and the speeds at which we connect is getting faster we can now shop in the comforts of our own homes with much more ease than ever before.

Previous years the fear of online shopping was a major factor  and many consumers just did not trust online payments.  Online shopping from reputable websites are safe, shopping online from websites like and can really be trusted, you won’t believe the speed at which goods are delivered.

This I do believe is probably the last year that online- computer-based shopping will be a novelty.  Next year online shopping will probably account for a huge percentage of Christmas shopping and then we will also see a huge increase in the use of Cellphones to do our shopping. With the improvement of the web-browsing ability of our phones and also with many companies writing iPhone shopping applications I am sure that next year you will probably do your shopping while waiting for that meeting to start or while sitting by the pool, just browsing for the perfect gift, then selecting it and waiting for delivery.

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