Christmas is here again and it is time for the whole of the Free State to rush down to the coast, and time for all the people who live down at the coast to hide in their homes until everybody from the Free State has again gone back home just after the New Year.

As just before many holidays I must again ask you to please remember to make backups of all your vital data before  you leave your home for the holiday’s.  Even if you are staying home this festive season it is vital that you make backups of all your data.  This week I heard of a couple who lost all the photos of their first born’s first two years, because they had not made any backups of these digital photos.

Because we are less likely to print photos these days we forget how easily we can loose all our data.  

Go today, and start to make backups of all your vital data. External harddrives are getting more and more affordable and you can now easily get up to a terabyte for less than R1000. Yes I know that is still a lot of money, but you can also buy DVD’s that are about R5,00 each.  Compared to loosing your data this is very cheap.

Another tip I have to give you is not only to make one copy of all your data, rather make two copies. Keep one copy in your house but at least a few meters from your computer.  The other copy you keep at work or maybe at a friend or a family member’s house.  You should make backups on a regular basis.  

Before you leave for the coast, first make the backups.  You will thank me if something happens.

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