Could this be a Twitter killer?  Most South Africans know all about Facebook and they know about social networking. Twitter on the other hand has not really taken off in South Africa as it has in many other countries , like the United States of America.  If you feel you have missed something completely you may not need to beat yourself up about it for very long.  I do believe we already have a possible replacement for Twitter.

Google last week announced a new networking tool that I am quite sure will take the world, including South Africa, by storm.  Unlike some of the other tools that Google has been launching the past few months it looks like they will actually stand by this one.

Google Buzz  ( is a social networking tool where you can interact and share ideas with your friends.  It integrates with Gmail and is automatically active the next time you log into your account.  Some of the features are  that you can decide if you want to share ideas publicly or privately, see updates in realtime you can even connect with some of the other services that you are already using like Picasa, Flickr, Google reader and even Twitter.

Buzz also has wonderful mobile application that can be accessed if your phone has a browser at .

If you make use of Buzz and feel that it does not exactly do everything that you want it to do, please remember that this is just the first release and that it will still be in Beta for a while to sort out all the little glitches.  As with all software at the beginning it will be full of bugs.  Luckily with Google we can be sure that if Buzz takes off they will sort these problems out quickly.