THE iPad may just change the way we interact online and the way we consume content.

For the past few weeks I have been thinking quite a bit about the applications of this new device. I have also written about it in a previous column.

One use that I have realised would be a great life changing application, is the use of this device by the older generation. Those who are not really tech savvy and to whom the internet and email is something that is very scary. They often refer to themselves as being born “B.C.”, or “Before Computers.”

The older generation did not grow up knowing these technologies and it must be quite daunting to have to make such a shift in the way communication takes place. Even if the use of the computer is mastered the fear of viruses online can really deter them from using these wonderful tools. How will I fix it if I get a virus, etc.

The great thing about the iPad (and other products from Apple) is that there are almost no viruses to fear. The interface for sending and receiving email is very easy to understand and is quite intuitive to use.

Reading books, listening to podcasts, watching videos, reading magazines and checking your email will now be as easy as can be. You will even be able to subscribe to your favourite magazines and get them electronically each week or month.

This is not a device just for the kids. This device is for Grandma and Grandpa too. If you want to easily communicate with Grandpa and Grandma without having to buy them a computer and teach them, this is the answer.