WHO would have thought that even when listening to technology shows online I would be bombarded with the discussion about the fact that the vuvuzela is dangerous and irritating. During each discussion they then have to play the sound a few times just to show how irritating the noise can be.

I know the vuvuzela is something that is very near and dear to many people in South Africa, but I have to say I strongly agree with the fact that there is a time and a place for everything. Having watched games from previous World Cup tournaments I think that with the vuvuzela completely drowning out any other sounds the whole culture of supporters singing to their teams has been lost at this year’s tournament. Obviously it will not be the case in future World Cup tournaments, but I am quite sad that the one time it is coming to our continent we are missing out on this experience.

There are a number of websites where you can go to sign a petition to have the vuvuzela banned from the games.

On the other hand there are a number of websites that are actually supporting the vuvuzella with applications where you press a button and you have the vuvuzela sound with speaker control. You can even download a vuvuzela application for your iPhone.

We have a few weeks left before the end of the World Cup tournament and I am thinking of opening an online shop where all the soccer fans can go and purchase hearing aids. I think if you are in the hearing aid business you will soon have many new customers. Go listen to the vuvuzela at http://www.vuvuzela.fm and also http://vuvuzelaroulette.com.