I HAVE often played around with barcodes which can be read by cellphones.

The advantages of these codes are you can put a barcode on your business card and someone can just point the camera on their phones to the card and immediately be taken to the website.

You can also include the code in an print advert in a newspaper or magazine and by simply pointing your cellphone’s camera to the image your customer will be taken to your website or your specials page or to a page with more information about a product or even a competition entry page.

These codes can be included in books to link to discussion pages or even online videos explaining the work. The applications are endless.

Cell C launched a new innovative service which works easier than many of the other barcode services.

PhotoCode is a new technology that allows South Africans to access information on their mobile phones by using QR codes. Cell C is the first to roll out this service and is being supported by media partners like You, Huisgenoot, People, Sunday Times, 5 FM and many other providers. Soon you will see many photo codes in bars and restaurants.

To download the application visit http://www.cellc.coza/services/photocode.

I will also place the link on www.clickkliek.com.

This technology should have taken off long ago, but the ease of use has always been a problem.

I am sure the easiness to use software one can download for free will make a difference.

Nico Baird is an instructional designer: Media at the Central University of Technology Free State and New Media and Educational Technology enthusiast and can be contacted at nico@clicksa.co.za