I have often felt that I need to write more blogposts, but I never do.  I have a number of blogs and websites that I try to manage and at times I just forget to update all of them.  

I have however decided that from today I will be posting to this blog more often.  The blog will be about random thoughts that I have and will not be only about technology.  

I have started a joke blog http://www.myjokeblog.com for all the email jokes that I receive and I have ClickKliek.com (http://www.clickkliek.com) for my weekly technology column.  

I will probably continue to post my columns to this blog, but I will also add academic presentations and other articles that I write to this blog.  I will also post some of the greatest jokes that I find to this blog.

Just remember that this is my place to share ideas and have fun, do not expect it to be a very formal space.

Now that I have your attention for a moment please also get yourself a fax to email number at http://www.faxaroo.com.

Thank you for visiting my blog! Hope you subscribe to the rss feed or come back often!