I am a terrible friend to have.  Maybe not all the time, but especially when it is your birthday. I never remember birthdays. I remember them about a week later and by that time it is just long enough to not be able to phone anymore.
One day late would be fine, two days, maybe not too bad, but a week!

Do not think that I do not want to remember my friends’ birthdays, I really do! I love my friends and I feel sad when they forget my birthday.  

This week I realised that I forgot about three of my best friends’ birthdays.  I feel terrible about it and I have no idea what I should do.  I think the problem starts when your friends live in other towns or cities.  They do not invite you to the party and now you have to remember yourself?  I thought that Outlook would remind me but as time goes by I move from one computer to another, updating or reinstalling software etc and suddenly gone are all the dates.  

If only I  could find a way to help me remember!  Yes I can already see the emails…. “..just buy one of those birthday calendars…”  yes I must!  
Now I should just try and remember to do that!

To all my friends, I am sorry that I forgot your birthday!  I really did not want to forget it!  I am eternally sorry!

If you could please email me and tell me that you forgive me!  (If I do not get that email I would like to know why you do not read my blog?  Are YOU as my FRIEND not supposed to be reading my blog?)