AS I said last week, I am currently in Barcelona, Spain, where I   have delivered a paper   at   the   OpenEd Conference. During the three days I have heard amazing ideas and concepts and many of them are a reality, but I am sad to say very few are implemented in South Africa.
Making it possible for anybody   to have access to an education   without   any cost is something that would change our country in ways that I cannot begin to think. Having education reach further than a classroom and making it accessible both online or in libraries and community centres is something that is achievable in South Africa. Getting the best lecturer or teacher to present a class, recording it and then making it available to all students or learners is something that could enhance their learning experience tremendously.
If the best teacher or lecturer in the country can, through video, present the classes for thousands of students in the country, current teachers could facilitate discussion and guide students through the work. This can easily be achieved.
The idea of extending the classroom to reach more students without increasing the workload of teachers is one that I think most teachers will support.
Audio   and   video technology is really changing the way we teach and the way we can increase   the   reach   of education.
A strong theme at the conference is the upliftment of communities in Africa.
I   think   we can do it ourselves and we really do not need the rest of the world to take pity on us and try to help us. We can do it ourselves. Let us start by creating content in all the official languages and make it available to all students.