We are in a new world, a world where the citizens are always connected. We are connected to our friends and often strangers that share our interests.
The Internet and social networks give us a platform through which citizens in a country or community can band together and mobilize to stand up as one against injustice and the wrongs of the world. We see in Egypt how through a network like Facebook citizens have joined and arranged protests. Where they use Twitter to inform each other about areas with a high police presence and sending short information bursts to each other.
The government of Egypt tried their best to stop these networks by stopping Internet connectivity, but citizens of the country went into their closets and store-rooms to find old dialup modems and dial into other countries internet service providers and then they are connected. There are also other ways in which they are still able to connect. There is no way in which a government these days can effectively stop the flow of information. The world has changed too much for citizens to be stopped from networking.
I strongly believe that this is the future of our world. Citizens from countries where they are oppressed will in future use the Internet more and mobilize change in these countries.
I honestly predict that in the next few months we will see this happen a few times around the world. It would be really strange if this was not to happen. The tools are available for citizens to join ranks and work with others who share their ideas. Citizens from around the world will now see that it is possible to use these networks to affect change.