NEXT week I’ll continue with my series of photographic columns, but this week I need to write about Geocaching. A week or two ago I was told about this “game” that is being played around the world and I think it is great.

Let me explain. Do you remember a programme on TV with the name Skat tejag. It was on a couple of decades ago. Scot Scott used to run around while people in a studio would direct him where to fly and go while searching for a hidden treasure.

This is in a way what Geocaching is. Around the world there are more than 1,3 million hidden caches for participants to find. In Bloemfontein there are over 190 of these caches.

From what I can see and hear there is one team that has put Bloemfontein on the map as a great Geocaching city and that is Louwtjie and his wife (Vroutjie en Louwtjie). He   is   well known for   his   cunning and intelligent caches.

Trust me when I say that you are walking past some of his hidden treasures on a daily basis around Bloem­fontein and do not even realise it.

There are many ways to play the game. First of all you should visit and register for a free account.

Then you can see where there are hidden caches.

You can now use your GPS or smart phone to navigate to the treasure.

When you reach the venue you must find the cache, which is probably very well hidden.

You then log all the caches you have found online – the more the better.

Remember, when you are a geocacher you can also establish your own caches and watch as others from around the world try to find your hidden treasure. 
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