FOR the past few weeks, I have been involved with the development of a new online travel network. This network is free to join and provides loads of information to all its members. It also gives you a chance to be a couch traveller. is a Bloemfontein-based social network and I am inviting you to join today. The idea behind the network is for members to access resources, information, travel tips, stories, photos and a whole lot more. You can read about the different countries you want to visit and plan your trip properly. The best part about the network is that you can share your own experiences, photos and travel tips. This is a brand-new network and even though there are many articles loaded on the site already, it is vital for you to share your own experiences. One of the things I like most about the network is the large number of photos that are loaded already. You can really see what the cities and countries look like. The photos are taken by people like you and me and are not the photos you usually get in travel brochures.
Not only do I want to ask you to join to get the information, but I also want you to send me ideas to improve the network. I really like it when these types of innovative websites are started in Bloemfontein.
I love to travel and I would love this free network to grow into a resource without any equal. Go to today and join. Share your travel experiences, photos and tips!
Nico Baird is a new media expert and can be contacted at