THE internet is a big place. Keeping track of what you see and, most importantly, what you like, can be an impossible task.
Yes, you can add a bookmark, but after a while it is very difficult for you to have a manageable index of what you have bookmarked.
Doing quite a bit of research, I have been a huge supporter of This free bookmarking website has been an incredible knowledge base.
If you are a regular explorer of the internet, I highly recommend you create an account for yourself immediately. It is free and extremely easy to use. All you have to do is install a plugin into your browser (both Internet Explorer or Firefox) and when you find something you like, you just click on a button and the page will be added to your index page. I highly recommend this if you are busy with studies or research. You can easily find bookmarks in Delicious through easy word searches and tags.
Delicious was owned by Yahoo!, but they decided to close down the service.
The users, me included, were quite upset. Luckily for us, the creators of YouTube stepped in and bought the service from Yahoo!.
I believe in the coming months we will see new features in Delicious. During the time it was owned by Yahoo!, very little development was done to Delicious, but I believe this very dynamic team will make huge improvements and add many features to the service.
If you want to see what I read or what I find interesting, you should go and take a look at my delicious feed. You will find it on
Share the websites you like with the world and explore other interesting sites through Delicious.