Every now and again I find a website that can be a life changer.  Freelancer.com is one of those websites.   We are living in a world today that is changing rapidly and the rules that applied yesterday may not apply tomorrow. We are living in a world that is flat.

Years ago if you wanted to sell your products or buy products you would only support local businesses.  These days you can order products from anywhere in the country and world.  I know that our import tax system is still hindering ones ability to effectively buy products overseas, but some of the larger providers now actually already calculate and include this tax in your purchases.

But I would like to talk to you about Freelancer.com.  If I wanted to build a new website, but I do not have the technical ability and programming knowledge I would go to Freelancer.com , I would list my needs and I would then submit my request.  Providers from around the world, companies and individual would then “bid” for my business.  You state what you have to spend and the providers can then decide what they would charge you for the service. Basically you are putting out a tender.

After an hour you should receive a number of bids.  You can be sure that a service that is quite expensive locally will be loads cheaper on Freelancer.com.  Remember these providers are competing on an international field.  You should remember to always take a look at the providers rating and portfolio before you decide on a provider.  The cheapest quote is not always the best quote.  What I love is the rating system and the fact that you pay Freelancer.com and they pay the provider after you are happy with the product.

Remember that this is also a great place for you as service provider to sell your services! Go take a look today and see what you can sell!  Start your own online company without much effort!