IT ain’t cool until Apple decides to do it! This is the mantra of the very devoted Apple fans. As a Apple fan I can tell you that it is true!

Apple has the ability to change the way we as consumers interact with our computers.  The way in which we can consume and create content without any effort is just better on an Apple device.  This brings me to this week’s big Apple announcement. Apple has taken the Cloud, added an “i” in front of it and made it great!

You can now seamlessly syncronise all your important data across all your Apple devices. From your iPhone to your iPad and  also to your Macs. If you were to take a photo on your iPhone, seconds later it would be available on all your other devices.

The iCloud will give you five gigs of space free of charge to store all your documents, photos and even the settings of your applications. When you purchase music from iTunes the songs you purchase will not be counted as part of your free five gig, but the space will be added to your five gig. There are so many great uses for this that I think you should just visit and read more about it.

Two other great announcements that was made is the release of iOS 5 for the iPhone and iPad. This release sees more than 200 new and improved features on these devices. All iPhone users will be able to upgrade very soon.

Last and not least is the announcement of OSX Lion. Said to be the world’s most advanced operating system. Lion will be available for purchase and download in July.