Make your voice heard

June 24, 2011 by

Make your voice heard

How many times have you pretended to be a dj on the radio? Well not on the radio, maybe just holding a beer bottle at a party announcing the next song.  Because radio has always been there, around us as a part of our lives it is a very personal medium.

With regulations as they are it is not possible for anybody with something to say to actually have access to a radio channel.

I love the fact that the Internet is constantly giving people a platform to make their voices heard.  Sometimes it is through blogging and other times it is through sharing video files on Youtube.

Today I want to share a website that will give you the ability to start your own radio station! Yes!  You can now have your own online radio station. The best part is that when you begin you can start for free. is not only a easy to use website but the fact that it integrates with social websites like Facebook can make it possible for you to have listeners as soon as you start your first broadcast.

Now you may wonder what you should do about music and if you will get in trouble for playing music without permission. Well you do not need to worry, will provide you with about 4000 songs that are registered under creative commons and you may use them in your shows free of charge.

Why not just go and give it a try?  It is free!  If you see that your Internet radio station is gaining popularity simply upgrade your subscription and maybe even start to sell advertisements!

Don’t forget to invite me to listen to your station!