I CAN’T believe how things have changed. I still remember using the dial-up modem to get connected.

Mweb used to sell them by the dozen, and you would wait for the dialtone and then you would hear a screeching noise and then you would be connected. You would wait for websites to load and then you would be amazed at the fact that it only took a minute for a picture to load.

I was amazed when during the week I realised that in our household we have connections with almost every network. I have an MTN phone which I use to browse quite a bit. I have a Vodacom and a CellC internet dongle for when I want to connect with my laptop. My wife has an 8ta Blackberry that she uses to chat with her friends and family and she loves the whole BBM system and then to crown it all I have ADSL at home.

The question that I keep asking myself is: Why?, and How did this happen?. Are we really moving to a time when we need to be connected all the time? I do know that we are nearing a time when we will need to connect all our appliances to the internet. Most of the appliances in your house that you buy today have some type of operating system that will need to be updated.

When will a flashing little light indicate that the software on the iron or vacuum cleaner needs to be updated?