I HATE it when people proclaim themselves to be experts in a field when they are not. Or rather when they realise that if they know 20% about something, the people who know 5% will pay them large sums of money to get to that 20% which they are told is 100%.

There are many companies online today and so-called experts selling their knowledge these days.

I turned on the radio the other evening only to hear a so-called expert telling the listeners why the iPhone 5 is one of his top five favourite gadgets. He went on mentioning some of the features and things he dislikes. The problem is that nobody really knows what the iPhone 5 will look like or what the features will be. It is all a big secret. Telling people that you are the one guy that knows these things for a fact is quite upsetting. Luckily someone phoned them and told the station to mention that it was all rumours.

I also see so many experts coming from all over the country to present expensive workshops on networking in your business, only to find that they have only a few followers on social networks and their websites have low visitor rankings online. Always check if the people who proclaim to be experts are indeed experts.

Only buy advertising from reputable online businesses. It is easy to buy any service online and start a company. The only thing you need is money to advertise and get people to pay you. We are living in exciting times, but you need to be careful of fly by night entrepreneurs who want to take you for a ride. Be careful out there! The internet is a big place.