IT is vital that you, as a website owner, constantly keep up to date of all the keywords that drive traffic to your website. If you own a website and you do not know what the keywords are that drive traffic to your website, you need to urgently start monitoring this.

But that is not what this week’s column is all about. I would rather talk about something that I have seen in the search terms that drive traffic to some of my websites.

I do not know if it is disturbing or just a sign of the times but I have decided to share it with you.

We are living in a time where we use Google for all our answers. I guess it is only a natural progression in the psyche of man to want even more from Google. The search term I found was “Dear God, where can I find a good man, please help me” (Translated from Afrikaans).

I am no psychologist, but I think this could be something to investigate. Are we in this modern age thinking of finding religious answers from Google?

I do not know if this is a wake-up call for churches to also make sure they provide answers to these types of questions online.

I know this is probably very upsetting to most people and I must admit that I was very surprised when I saw it, but after thinking about it, I realised if churches ensured they have proper resources and information online, they will be able to provide answers to life’s deepest, most religious and private questions with the proper keywords.

Think about it, where do you go to find answers to most of your questions? .Nico Baird is a new media expert and can be contacted at or visit