AS one of more than 750 million users of Facebook you may have noticed a whole lot of changes to the user interface in the past week or two.

Facebook has taken on all its competitors by incorporating all the greatest features from their competitors into their network.

They have taken ideas from websites like Google+, Tumblr and even Twitter. You will see timelines and also newsfeeds quite prominent on your new Facebook front page.

It is not often that we see that a successful network make such huge changes to their user interface.

It is usually done when things aren’t working well, but I think we can all agree that Facebook is very successful.

A major change is that Facebook used to be a very private social network by default, now the default has changed to a very public network.

You need to now realise that all your content on Facebook is very public, except if you were to choose not to make it public.

You do still have all the options available to make it private.

One feature that I think will be great in Facebook is the Timeline profile option.

Go take a look at what you can expect at

You will soon have the option to have a true “life-page”.

This feature will be available soon, but you can go and take a look at the features.

Facebook is no longer a very easy network.

The learning curve has been raised, but with so many features and options you may need a course just to get all the settings set.

If you do not want to share your life with the world you will need to check your settings.