IT is time for you to start planning your Christmas shopping list. With the cost of presents these days, your should have started to plan months ago.

Let us take a look at some of the great technological gifts that you can give this year. I will not give long explanations, just some ideas that you can consider and research.

If you are thinking of spending R5000 plus on a special someone, I would consider an iPad 2 to be the best gift this year. You will not be sorry that you bought it. This gift is ideal for your husband or wife, not to mention the student who will be off to study next year.

The prices of digital photo frames have dropped quite a bit and if you have someone in your life who loves photos this will be the perfect gift. This is an ideal gift for mothers and also grandparents.

If you have book lovers in your family you should consider buying one of a number of eBook readers. The prices of these devices have dropped considerably and the Kindle is now also available in South Africa. You will save loads of money on book purchases if you buy them in digital format. This gift is for all members of the family.

As you can see my list consist mainly of digital content devices, due to the fact that they are becoming such a major part of our lives it is time for us to get them now. I did not include the iPhone 4S in this list because I believe it to be a device that most of us will get on contract.

Happy shopping!