I LOVE listening to Radio702 when I am in Johannesburg. Do not get me wrong, I love our local stations and I really do support them, but I like something a little more talk based.

Maybe it is because I love listening to podcasts or maybe I am just getting old, but I like to listen to something with more substance.

A few months ago I discovered an application on my iPad with the name TuneIn Radio. I immediately fell in love with it and even upgraded from the free version to the paid version.

The application gives you access to thousands of radio stations streaming their programming over the web. All these feeds are aggregated through this application and gives you the ability to either search by continent, country, city or even by genre.

You can then select presets of your favourite stations.

I am using a 3G card on mine, but I recommend that you make use of Wifi to ensure that you do not run out of Gigs early in the month.

If you do not have an iPhone or iPad you can also visit the website and listen there. Go to www.tunein.com. The quality of the feed is dependent on the quality of the feed being made available by the station, but I have found that the quality is very good with most of the channels I have listened to.

Before you say that I am just writing about an Apple application I can give you the great news that the application is also available on BlackBerry and Android.

The pro version is also available on these platforms and is available at a very low cost. The main advantage of the pro version of the app is that you can record the stations while you listen.

This is a great app to enjoy during the holidays and you will also be able to listen to the local stations while on holiday.