THESE days we are taking more photos. We are also editing these images in ways we never could have thought of before.

We used to take what we had when we handed our little roll of film in for processing at a photo-lab. We were stuck with what we had.

Nowadays we are enhancing and cropping images and in general each photo becomes a piece of art.

But if you are new to the editing game, it could be very expensive to buy professional photo editing or graphic design software.

To help you get started, I would like to recommend free photo editing software programmes that you can download and use today.

Please note that there are many online programmes available, but following are the ones you can use without having to connect to the Internet every time. I will give the name of the programme and the address it can be downloaded.

Picasa; PhotosScape –; and for those who really want a powerful free application that can do much of what most of the expensive photo editing packages can do, Gimp

Each of these programmes have different features and different levels of difficulty. Play around with them and see which will work for you.

Remember, these programmes are free so you can share them with friends and use them to improve not only your personal photos, but also to prepare images for presentations at school, at university or even at work.