ON Wednesday evening Apple announced their new products to the world. The main announcements were the new AppleTV and also the new iPad.

There are many new features which is worth reading through on www.apple.com, but I believe the most important feature is the fact that you can now stream high definition 1080p video to your television.

The iPad reinvented the way in which we create and consume content; in essence it redefined personal computing.

This new version was the main announcement of the event and lived up to expectations.

The new iPad now also has a Retina display which is the highest resolution screen available commercially. The device actually has about 1 million more pixels than your HD television that you may have at home.

The camera on the new iPad is now capable of recording 1080p video and also takes high quality photos. This device is now truly an incredible content creation device.

I believe that this would be the perfect device for recording your life, either with video or with photos; the advantage is that you can also use the same device for all your editing and gallery creation.

The device boasts with new 4G LTE compatibility which is much faster than the connectivity that is available in South Africa.

There are many new features and upgrades of some of the apps available for this new iPad and I think you will only believe it once you see it.

Please visit www.apple.com to read more about this new device.

The new iPad will be available all around the world faster than any other iPad release in the past, so start to save your money immediately.