ABOUT two weeks ago I bought a DStv Walka. I must admit that at first I did not really think that this device would really be worth the money. I thought that the coverage in Bloemfontein would be terrible and I honestly did not want to spend the money and then not be able to use it.

I have, however, found that most of Bloemfontein is covered. I found the battery life on the device to be quite good.

We went to the Blue Bulls versus the Cheetahs game two weeks ago and it was amazing to have replays and commentary in my ear during the game.

Sport fans should run and not walk to get a Walka especially for major sporting events. I am hoping that quite a bit of the Olympic Games will be broadcast to the Walka later this year. If you are working during the day, it will be incredible to check in every few minutes to what is happening.

The number of channels available on the Walka is also increasing as time goes by and I am quite sure that in a few months most of the channels on DStv will be available.

I hope that in a year or two most of the major routes will also have coverage, because I think this could be a great device for keeping your children engaged on the back seat while you drive to your holiday destination. At the moment only most of the major cities have coverage.

I must warn you that the display is not the best I have seen, but really watchable. Do not buy the device if you expect HD quality images, but it is extremely watchable and if you just enjoy watching television you should not be put off by this.

After I wrote this column my friends asked me if I am getting paid by Walka to write it! NO! I honeslty love this device.