SOCIAL gaming is really taking off, and I love it. Yes, for a long time we have had the Farmville and Cityville players on Facebook, but for the past few months social gaming on the iOS, BlackBerry and Android platforms have grown considerably.

I have fallen into this trap and unlike most online social games the games that are available on these mobile platforms are more stimulating on an intellectual level. Games that are available as social games are chess, scrabble and many more.

The game that is really very popular at this moment is Draw Something. This game is loosely based on Pictionary and it is very addictive. You can see your friends draw the pictures from anywhere in the world and you can answer when you know what they are drawing.

Most of these games make it possible for you to link to friends on Facebook or even by email. Most of these games are structured in a way where you do not need to be available to play synchronously. You play and then, whenever your friends are available, they can then make a move. You are then notified as soon as it is your move again. I highly recommend that you download and try some of these games.

They are usually available as a free download to give you a bit of a taste of the experience. You can then upgrade to a paid version if you like the game. Don’t worry, they are usually very cheap and for only a few rands you will be able to upgrade.

Go to the app store of your mobile phone today and take a look around at which of the games have a social component where you can play against your friends.