THIS past week we spent in KwaZulu-Natal, really just relaxing a bit and at times I was even “off-line”. Fortunately for me my wife now shares my obsession with the internet and the idea of always being online and being connected.

But this week I would love to share something with you that happened on the way.

We stopped over at my wife’s grandmother who is now 80 years old.

As we walked in the house I saw two computers.

Now if you do the math, you would realise that she probably retired before computers and the internet became main-stream appliances.

She taught herself to use these computers and now she even renders a service to two local businesses by taking care of some of their accounting needs.

She just decided one day that she would like to be able to use a computer and she started to teach herself.

If there is something she is not able to do, she would either struggle until she figures it out or she would phone someone for advice.

That is after all the only way you can learn a new skill.

The sad thing is that every week I hear from people that are between 40 and 60 that need help because they are BC Before Computers.

I realise now that if you hide behind this, it is definitely not your age that is hampering you and keeping you from making use of a computer, it is all in your mind and your willingness to try something new and maybe even being a bit lazy.

If she is able to learn these skills after her retirement, what excuse do you have?