THESE days we are all photographers and videographers. We take a large number of photos every week and even record videos of those special moments in our lives. Not only do we take photos and videos, but we also use apps on our phones to edit and distribute these videos to the rest of the world.

We are living in a time where we have the opportunity to chronicle our entire existence. This was almost impossible in past decades. For the first time in history we are not only able to record our lives and share it with our friends and family, but also to share our lives with generations to come.

I wonder if we realise the value of what we are doing. Just like archaeologists are digging up pieces of bowls and statues, so the generations to come will probably browse through archived data trying to piece together the recorded lives of individuals that lived years ago.

The job will most probably be the same, trying to find that one piece of footage that would answer a specific question.

Like why the leader of a specific time did the things that he or she did, or maybe didn’t do.

We are building this archive every single day, through the images and videos we upload. We are recording history for our children. Grandparents often kept old newspapers and magazines and old photos in albums just to give a glimpse of what life was like a few decades ago. Through technology and our portable devices we can now give a very detailed description.

Remember to record and share your life, even if it is just for yourself and your offspring. You already have all the tools, all you need now is to start.