YOUR view on the patent dispute between Apple and Samsung may be largely determined by whether you are an iPhone or Samsung user.

I have found that those with Apple iPhones fight on the side of Apple, while others fight on the side of Samsung.

What is quite clear is that Apple is a major innovator when it comes to the development, design and innovation in mobile technology. Many of the designs that have disputed were quite obviously the work of the Apple design team. As most of you will know, the jury agreed and quite a hefty judgement was awarded in this dispute.

Next week is the expected date for the announcement and release of the new iPhone. There is some speculation that the release date may be postponed, but there is still hope that it will take place.

The usual secrecy surrounds the new iPhone and speculation about features and the sizes of the screens are running wild. From larger to smaller screens, from a metal back to a newly improved glass back. The only thing we can be assured of is that there will be loads of speculation and no real proof until the device is released.

It is expected that the new iOS will greatly enhance and improve the user experience of iPhone users, and luckily this new operating system will also work on some of the previous iPhones.

One great feature of the iPhone is that the phone itself will give you many years of service without feeling the need to upgrade. If you are in the market for a new iPhone and you do not want to wait for the new iPhone, you can easily upgrade to the latest version of the iPhone without having to worry about it being outdated in the next two years.

For now we all wait to see the latest innovations coming from Apple.