I AM one of those people who love art, love to draw and who would love to be able to create either great paintings or maybe draw caricatures.

I am able to draw a decent picture, but because of the cost of painting supplies I have never really been able to experiment with oil-paints and watercolours or even pastels to the full extent of my curiosity.

The question is how much should you spend to figure out if you maybe have a talent to take up a hobby like oil-painting, not to mention to figure out if your children have these talents.

I have a solution for you, especially if you have an iPad.

The artApps (applications) that are being developed on the iPad and other mobile devices are mimicking the art experience or products better and better as time progress.

From waterpaints blending on the screen much like it would blend on a piece of paper to the way the texture of paper would influence the way in which a pencil line is made on a piece of paper.

If you have an iPad I can recommend one or two art Apps that I have played around with and which I really find to be both quite well developed as well as highly addictive.

The first one is Zen brush which is based on a mono-colour drawing kit.

The second App I enjoy is Paper. With this App you get a number of writing and drawing tools. You will need to buy some of the additional tools, but the cost is very low and worth the price.

The final App I want to mention is Art Set.

This App includes a huge number of writing tools from pastels to paints and any amateur, and maybe even professional, should have hours of fun.

Why not play around with some of these Apps and un- leash your creative side?