My view of the future of education is to greatest extent utopian. I cannot see why we need to fear the future and the way in which technology will integrate into our daily lives.

The way in which education has evolved and the way that it has shaped around us as knowledge beings is quite fascinating to me. The use of technology to enhance learning and teaching experience is at the centre of everything in my view.
The use of technology especially when using augmented reality will play a major role in the future of education.

Just think how we can augment static media into fully fledged learning resources. Not only resources – but resources that engage the learner.
In this video clip it is clear that augmented reality can enhance printed media to the extent that video, audio, and other graphics can be incorporated into the printed resource.

The use of augmented reality in training situations may change the way we experience learning. The ability to go on a road-trip without leaving the classroom, virtually walking around inside a microscopic cell or even walking around on a battle ground and being able to view the battle will have benefits that I cannot begin to imagine. If you are able to experience history in such a manner will it not be like traveling back in time? The list of possibilities is endless.

I many that see augmented reality apps believe that this is something that will be available in a few years or even decades but many of these apps are available now. The thought of these applications being enhanced and of it being implemented on a greater scale can only be limited by your imagination.

The following videos show some of the applications that are available at this very moment.

We have incredible students! We have incredible technologies available now, and we will see great advances in technology in the future. We need to embrace these technologies, enhance and improve mash up, remix and ENJOY our ability to add value to the learning experience of our students.
As human beings we have a thirst for new knowledge, gaining access to this new knowledge can be gained in a fun, informative and innovative way.

Reflect on how you think education will benefit from advances being made in augmented reality and if or how you think this may enhance and improve teaching and learning in the future.