Cell phones versatile devices

December 2, 2007 by

Cell phones versatile devices



PEOPLE who know me, know that I love gadgets. One gadget that almost all of us have in our pockets is a cell phone.

Today’s cell phones are more than just a phone, it is a communication device which we use to send messages, read email, check our location, browse the web and take photos or videos. If I am allowed to make a prediction for 2008 it would be that our primary use of our cell phones would be to browse the web, send messages and check email. Basically 90% of our phone use will not be to make a call.

The problem with all these features being crammed into cell phones are that phones are a little less stable. This week I made a phone call and minutes later my fully charged cell phone just died. It is yet to start working again. This is a top of the line phone which is less than five months old. A week ago it restarted constantly. I realised that it was a software problem and when I phoned the certified service providers, I was told that the phone is still so new that they have no idea of how to fix it. To be honest I feel Nokia should review their contracts with these service providers.

Do you have a phone that you are very happy with? Or are you a company selling cell phones and you know which of your products are worthwhile?

I am looking for suggestions for my next phone. I do not believe that getting the phone fixed will solve my problems, probably just postpone my pain and suffering. Please let me know and I will publish the results of this little survey on www.clickkliek.com