I HAVE written numerous columns about great new services and websites, but it has been a long time since I was absolutely blown away by any online service.

Until now, that is. About a month ago I came across a website for changing your photos into great music videos.

I have written about PhotoStory 3 in the past which you can use to change static photos into videos. I must say that Animoto.com takes it to the next level. And it really can’t be any easier.

You register on the website and you can immediately use their
service free of charge to create short 30 second videos. You just upload your photos to the website, select music for the background, save the file and Animoto will start to work its magic. After a few minutes your video will be available for you to view and enjoy. Each video is a masterpiece and you can embed it into your website free of charge.

I usually use the free versions of a website but with Animoto, I immediately upgraded to be able to use the full service. After you upgrade you can make full-length
videos and you can download the whole video to your computer.

Your photos will never be the same and you will want to show your old boring photos to everybody. After a party this past week­end I uploaded a bunch of photos and sent it out to the guys who were at the party. Now they are all using Animoto to convert all their own photos to videos. To see exactly what Animoto does go to www.clickkliek.com and watch the short little video that I have uploaded there. Can we now finally say goodbye to boring photo slide­shows? I think so! You be the judge.

A short little video just to show what Animoto can do for you!