Photo Safari with Adobe Lightroom

February 21, 2008 by

Photo Safari with Adobe Lightroom

The past weekend I spent on a Photo Safari to the Eastern Free State. What an incredible experience it was.

During the weekend one of the main features of this photo safari was to get to know the main features of Adobe Lightroom. I must say that I am amazed at the features packed into such a small program. It is also quite affordable compared to other products with far less features.

If you are a digital photographer this is a must have. Using the very easy renaming and importing features you will never have problems with finding your photos. Sorting features which include tagging makes it easy to create demo pages in seconds.

My favourite part of the program is the editing features. With a number of preset effects and also the ability to easily enhance colours you will look like a professional in minutes. During the weekend I took hundreds of photos and with a few clicks these photos were enhanced to look incredible.

I am probably skipping over a number of features available in this package, but there are so many to mention. I will conclude by mentioning one more feature. When you have selected your photos you can have the software create photo galleries for you to upload the Internet. Lightroom will create the whole gallery and create all the files for you and all you then have to do is to upload it to the Internet.

I have created one of these websites with some of my photos from the photo safari and you can take a look at them here. Many of the photos repeat in the different galleries but I would love for you to see the possibilities. Gallery 1  Gallery 2  Gallery 3

The next photo safari will be held here in Bloemfontein which will make it quite a bit cheaper to attend, getting rid of accommodation and travel expenses. Join me next time.