Nico Baird

I READ an article about how social networks like and are experiencing a slowdown of new subscribers. The article asks the question if this is the end of social networks.

I honestly don’t think so. I have always believed that certain social networks have only a limited lifespan. As new innovation in online social networking evolve people and groups of people tend to migrate across various social networks.

One such social network that will hit South Africa very soon is The pace of our lives are increasing and we do not always have time to blog the events in our lives. Facebook made it possible to quickly update your status and tell your friends what you have been up to. But often people only logged into their Facebook account to set their status and to see the status of their friends.

The main aim of Twitter is to update your status and inform your friends. This update is the length of an SMS and you only get 140 characters to tell your friends what you are up to.

When you go to you can quickly and easily set up your free account.

You search the network for your friends and link to them. When you select friends to follow they receive a message stating that you are now following them, they can then decide if they would like to follow you back.

In South Africa Twitter is big in the tech community, but it is growing quickly. I predict that in a few months you will find articles in all the local papers talking about Twitter and how popular it has become.

When you go and join Twitter remember to add me as a friend.

Twitter will also be quite prominent at PodcampSA this year.

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